It is arguably one of the most tourist attractions in Bangladesh, ringed by numerous hills and situated right on the sparkling waters of Kaptai Lake. The colourful lifestyle and culture of the indigenous communities reveals signifies their inherent love of nature and their intimate bond with the hills, forests and rivers. Rangamati’s majestic natural beauty is most attractively manifested in the rainy season – trees become greener, waterfalls are in full flow, the river Karnaphuli is full to the brim.

Rangamati includes the following places of interest for the tourists:

  • The Tribal Museum, is adjacent to the Tribal Cultural Institute, displays valuable objects and articles depicting the socio-economic, cultural and historical traditions of different tribes. Tribal handicrafts and handloom textiles are attractive items to buy because of their varied and vivid colours and exquisite designs.
  • The Shuvalong waterfall is another attraction for its romantic beauty amidst a vast stretch of green hills and forest surrounded by a serpentine lake.
  • Tourists will also enjoy traversing the hanging bridge over the Kaptai lake, which affords a convenient vantage point for taking in the beauty of the lake. This bridge leads to another hill over the canal close to the Parjatan motel. The man-made Kaptai lake, spreading over 680 km of crystal-clear water was formed by damming the Karnaphuli river, and has a picturesque hinterland of large hills and panoramic forests. A cruise on the calm waters of the lake can be a memorable experience.
  • The Chakma King’s Palace is worth a visit.
  • Among other places of interest, Rajbon Bihara Pagoda, located on a hilltop, attracts a large number of devotees who come for the religious occasion known as “Kathin Chivar Dan”.
  • Pedatingting, 5 km from Rangamati town at the mouth of the Shuvolong Channel, is an enchanting island resort located in the middle of the magnificent Kaptai Lake; with a beach frontage all around. The restaurant is clean and quiet, with an adjacent leisure park where tourists may enjoy the blue waters of the lake and the lush green of the hills. The restaurant has some delicious tribal-style dishes to offer.
  • While visiting Rangamati, tourists may also go shopping at the Kalpataru Shilpaniketan, an ivory handicrafts centre in the town.